About Us

TransformativeMed is a healthcare technology company leading the way to safe, efficient hospital workflows by extending the functionality of the EMR. We deliver clinical workflow applications that give providers the data they need to make patient care decisions in real time.

Designed by practicing physicians, our plug-and-play technologies embed seamlessly into the EMR, to fit the flow of EMR data to the way doctors want to practice medicine.

The result is that clinicians spend less time searching for data, and more time providing safe and effective care.

Our Team

The TransformativeMed team includes healthcare delivery and technology experts committed to providing innovative solutions to meet today’s challenges.

Our Advisors

TransformativeMed works with entrepreneurs and thought-leaders with decades of experience in business, healthcare delivery, policy and technology.

TransformativeMed Today

TransformativeMed delivers tools that unlock the full potential of the EMR to improve patient care while increasing provider efficiency. We develop web-based software applications to do it. Our applications integrate seamlessly into Cerner’s PowerChart — no signing in and out of different programs, no toggling between systems, no hassle — in order to:

  • Arm providers with actionable clinical data to facilitate better decision-making and care coordination
  • Save clinicians time so they can focus on what it is they do best... take care of patients
  • Enable the Health System to optimize its electronic medical record return on investment

TransformativeMed Beginnings

As a new physician at the University of Washington, Dr. Erik Van Eaton was struck by how much time he and his colleagues spent searching for data in the EMR and copying it into spreadsheets to inform patient rounds. He also noticed breakdowns in care as a result of poor communication during handoffs. Dr. Van Eaton invented CORES to address these gaps and unlock the full potential of the EMR. Embedded inside the EMR via MPages, CORES unifies rounding and handoffs into one workflow, delivering the right information, to the right provider, at the right time. As demand for CORES spread throughout the UW, requests began to come in from academic medical centers, community hospitals and multi-hospital health systems across the country, and TransformativeMed was born. Today, CORES is in use at over 100 large hospital facilities nationwide, and growing.