About Us

TransformativeMed (T4M) is a healthcare technology company committed to improving patient outcomes and provider efficiency by extending the functionality of the electronic medical record.

T4M leverages the Cerner MPages toolkit to develop software applications that deliver the right information, to the right clinician, at the right time.

Our Team

The T4M team includes healthcare delivery and technology experts committed to providing innovative solutions to meet today’s challenges.

Our Advisors

T4M works with entrepreneurs and thought-leaders with decades of experience in business, healthcare delivery, policy and technology.

T4M Today

T4M sits at the cutting-edge of a national movement seeking to unlock the full potential of the electronic medical record. Our mission is to deliver the right information, to the right clinician, at the right time. We develop web-based software applications to do it. Our applications integrate seamlessly into Cerner’s PowerChart — no signing in and out of different programs, no toggling between systems, no hassle — in order to:

  • Arm providers with actionable clinical data to facilitate better decision-making and care coordination
  • Save clinicians time so they can focus on what it is they do best…Take care of patients
  • Enable the Health System to optimize its electronic medical record return on investment

T4M Beginnings

As a surgical resident at the University of Washington, T4M co-founder Erik Van Eaton often found himself combing the electronic medical record for the clinical data he needed to care for his patients. The data was there but it was difficult to locate and difficult to assemble into a coherent patient story. Erik spent hours each day searching for and recopying data and yet it never seemed to be enough time. As Erik shared his frustration with his colleagues, he discovered that he wasn’t alone. Erik was now determined to fix this problem and as a trained medical informaticist, he was in a position to do so.

Erik invented CORES, a web-based software application initially designed to streamline resident workflow. CORES was wildly popular and no wonder. Studies showed that CORES halved the time spent copying basic data from the chart, decreased the number of patients missed during resident rounds and shortened overall rounds by several minutes. Other clinicians took notice and began to adopt CORES to improve their own processes. Since its humble origins, CORES has been expanded to not only streamline patient rounds but also improve handoffs and care coordination for multi-disciplinary teams at several of the most prominent Health Systems in the country.