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your eHr should support you

We get it. Most EHRs create caregiver friction—and we’re doing something about it. We make your EHR function – the way it should. Without interfaces, without external applications, without downtime, without waiting for the next manufacturer upgrade cycle.

EHRs lack the features needed to get clinical work done in the hospital. Care providers need better workflow-embedded tools. Emailing patient lists to each other, copy-and-pasting—and risking HIPAA violations by texting patient updates must stop. We fix that for you.

As Deborah Abram, MD at Baptist Health put it, “CORES makes our processes more effective, and saves us at least an hour and half per day, per resident.”

Truth be told, getting your EHR to “serve you” is damn hard. That’s why no one has done it before. It takes a unique ability to think large, unravel complexity and understand how providers work. And to ensure IT simplicity—solve the problem without interfaces.


As a new physician, TransformativeMed Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Erik van Eaton was frustrated by the millions spent on his EHR and the little it did to solve the care breakdowns due to poor handoff communication. Refusing to accept the status quo, he invented CORES, taking the first step to unlock the EHR’s full potential.

CORES is embedded in Cerner MPages making it 100% interface-free, seamlessly integrating into EHR workflows. With the addition of machine learning, mobile and soon voice recognition, we help transform your EHR into a modern tool that adapts to the way you practice medicine.

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Our Clients


Since founding in 2011, word-of-mouth has spread and now more than 120 large hospital facilities across the country use CORES, including multi-hospital health systems, academic medical centers and community hospitals.


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CORES has freed up close to $150,000 worth of time for our care coordinators alone, and they’ve only been using it for 6 months.
— Carlos Villavicencio, MD, MS/MI, Seattle Children’s Hospital
CORES makes our processes more effective and saves us at least an hour and half per day per resident.
— Deborah Abrams, MD, Baptist Health

I fundamentally believe that we can only achieve our true best by continuing to invest in our core values. These define our company, our products, who we hire and how we treat our clients, our partners and each other. Thank you for taking a moment to read and contemplate how each affects your commitment to TransformativeMed, and my commitment to you, our company and our clients.
— Doug Cusick, President and CEO, TransformativeMed

TransformativeMed Core Values



Bring your whole self to work by being intentional and true to who you are. Be real.



Have the courage to shape a better future, be entrepreneurial, take risks, reach beyond boundaries and experiment.



Leverage collective genius, communicate fearlessly to build trust, defend and respect the user’s voice.



If it is to be, it’s up to me. Deliver our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for results.



Be committed in heart and mind. Challenge the status quo and find new ways to grow our company and to help each other grow.



Create a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome.



What we do, we do well.






John Koster, MD

CEO Emeritus, Providence Health System

Frank T. Sample

(Retired) Chairman and CEO, VISICU, (Philips)

Rob Arnold

Digital Transformation and Commercialization Executive

Drex DeFord

Founder, Drexio Digital Health

Dan Rosen

Chairman, Alliance of Angels

Shawn DeWane

Chief Revenue Officer, Hayes Management Consulting

Ivo Nelson

Chairman and CEO, Next Wave Health

Bill Lober, MD

Health Informatics, University of Washington

Brent Wisse, MD

Division of Endocrinology, University of Washington

Ken Myer

Interim Executive/Advisor



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Do you want to have a real impact in redefining EHR optimization and work with a company that holds the potential to make providers work lives easier, so they can get back to their real job—caring for patients?

TranformativeMed is forging a new path with the best and brightest talent who have a desire to work hard, have fun and help us achieve our vision. If you relentlessly believe that there is always an easier way to do things and aren’t afraid of bending your brain to solve the most challenging problems, while being collaborative, then you’re our kind of person.

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