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The TransformativeMed Journey

The TransformativeMed journey began in 2010; not as the company we are today, but as a project within the University of Washington Medical Center, as they were rolling out a new EHR enterprise-wide.

Back then, as a Trauma Surgeon at UW, Dr. Erik van Eaton was frustrated by the millions of dollars spent on his “modern” EHR. He saw it did little to help eliminate the breakdowns in communication due to poor handoffs.. He was frustrated by the generic workflow of the EHR, as well as the clunky user interface. And, he found himself constantly “hunting and pecking” for information within the EHR.

Refusing to accept the status quo, he went looking for a solution. At that time, David Stone was the lead architect for the new EHR deployment. Erik got together with David, explained his challenges and David got to work on a solution. David’s work ultimately led to the original development of what is now widely known as Cerner MPages.

Together they created the Core Workflow Suite within UW, with specialty-specific workflows and tools to foster better care team collaboration and communication. Other clinicians were excited about the new capabilities embedded within their EHR and adoption took off like wildfire.

Word got out beyond UW and other hospitals and health systems were clamoring for these capabilities. As time went on, Erik, David and UW saw that they couldn’t keep up with the demand. Seizing an opportunity, Erik and David founded TransformativeMed as a separate, standalone company.

Core Work Manager adoption spread by word of mouth amongst the clinical community because, well, it just made their EHR better. And today, TransformativeMed is proud to serve more than 130 hospitals across the USA and is expanding internationally. Tens of thousands of clinicians rely on TransformativeMed every day, to help them deliver better patient care.

TransformativeMed Core Values



Bring your whole self to work by being intentional and true to who you are. Be real.



Have the courage to shape a better future, be entrepreneurial, take risks, reach beyond boundaries and experiment.



Leverage collective genius, communicate fearlessly to build trust, defend and respect the user’s voice.



If it is to be, it’s up to me. Deliver our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for results.



Be committed in heart and mind. Challenge the status quo and find new ways to grow our company and to help each other grow.



Create a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome.



What we do, we do well.


“I fundamentally believe that we can only achieve our true best by continuing to invest in our core values. These define our company, our products, who we hire and how we treat our clients, our partners and each other. Thank you for taking a moment to read and contemplate how each affects your commitment to TransformativeMed, and my commitment to you, our company and our clients.”





Board of Directors

Doug Cusick

President and Chief Executive Officer

David Stone

Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect

Dan Rosen

Chairman, Alliance of Angels

John Koster, MD

CEO Emeritus, Providence Health System


Nancy Auer, MD

President Auer Advisory Services

Ivo Nelson

Chairman and CEO, Next Wave Health

Drex DeFord

Founder, Drexio Digital Health

Shawn DeWane

Chief Revenue Officer, Hayes Management Consulting


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TranformativeMed is forging a new path with the best and brightest talent who have a desire to work hard, have fun and help us achieve our vision. If you relentlessly believe that there is always an easier way to do things and aren’t afraid of bending your brain to solve the most challenging problems, while being collaborative, then you’re our kind of person.

We’re always looking for exceptional talent. If you are interested in learning more, please submit your resume and cover letter to We are growing rapidly and look forward to making a difference—together.


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