ACR Select MPage

ACR Appropriateness Criteria® represent a "national standard" of radiology decision support developed by expert panels of physicians available within your workflow.


Research suggests that the results of 10-15% of all imaging studies do not materially alter the diagnosis, the treatment plan or both. Imaging overutilization represents a cost and radiation safety issue.

Our Solution

The ACR Select MPage, developed in partnership with the National Decision Support Company, leverages medical imaging appropriate use criteria to help physicians order the safest and most effective imaging exam.


  • Ensures appropriate utilization
  • Improves radiation safety
  • Complies with Federal legislation

Key Features

  • Scores orders against ACR appropriateness
  • Integrates seamlessly with PowerChart
  • Provides decision support at time of imaging order
  • Provides key analytics and reporting

Straightforward Workflow

With ACR Select, decision support is integrated directly into the ordering workflow in PowerChart. Each order is scored against ACR Appropriateness Criteria. ACR Select provides real-time feedback to the ordering physician about the appropriateness of a particular order for hundreds of clinical scenarios. In addition, scoring data can be used to identify opportunities to reduce unnecessary imaging procedures; improving care while saving money.

Evidence Based Guidelines

The National Decision Support Company, along with Cerner integration partner TransformativeMed, offers ACR Select, the most comprehensive set of imaging decision support criteria available today. ACR Select represents a continuously updated “national standard” with topics that have been developed by expert panels of physicians from many different medical specialties. Thousands of evidence-based guidelines support the appropriate utilization of all medical imaging procedures.

Seamless Integration

TransformativeMed has partnered with National Decision Support Company to create the optimal end user experience within Cerner PowerChart. ACR Select is seamlessly integrated into the EMR with all decision support functions performed at the point of order entry. With ACR Select, health care providers can choose the most appropriate medical imaging exam for a patient's clinical condition without leaving the order entry screen.