2017 Cerner Health Conference (CHC) Musings

I hadn’t been to a CHC conference for years. Wow, how things have changed, and for the better: International clients, presentations that span broadly and deeply into benefits clients have achieved, diversity, professionalism, excitement and energy, need I go on? It is easy to comprehend why Cerner has the largest footprint in total installations throughout the world.


Two big takeaways:

1.   Healthcare issues worldwide are universal.

Having spent my early career in the US with a competing electronic heath record company, and then taking that knowledge and experience to England during their NPfIT program, and across Europe and other countries, it is exciting to see Cerner penetrate so many countries and unique cultures.  And as we know, the culture becomes the most challenging to change when it comes to technology adoption.  It goes without saying that the problems in healthcare that we are trying to solve in the US aren’t that unique from any country around the world.  Yes, where the spend is aimed and how healthcare is paid for may vary, but the actual challenges of healthcare, including generating better patient outcomes for less cost, giving patients a better experience in maneuvering through the healthcare system, and retaining the best and most talented clinicians and support staff in the profession is universal. 

2. Worldwide EHR installations are expanding, but adoption remains the key to ROI.

It has often been proven that information technology (IT) is the enabler and we have spent many millions proving that we can only achieve return on investment and real benefit if we spend more time getting the processes right. We’ve learned that clinicians will onboard and adopt IT, if it fits properly into their natural and best practice workflow.  The demo feedback we received about the CORES product suite, especially around workflows and decision support (GlycemiCare), really reinforced this.

Although HIMSS 2018 is in focus now, I can’t wait until October 2018 when we again hit the streets of Kansas City. It’s always exciting to hear feedback first-hand from prospective clients—and to enjoy the best that Kansas City has to offer. Thanks for hosting such a wonderful conference Cerner.  Until next year.

Doug Cusick