JAMA Surgery Article Features CORES


Clinician handoff improvement using the EHR-embedded app CORES was again proven in a clinical trial published January 3, 2018, in JAMA Surgery. Handoff quality is hard to measure, and this rigorously designed trial gets it right. The researchers used a cluster randomized, stepped-wedge clinical trial to test a handoff curriculum that used CORES to structure handoff information using the IPASS framework (IPASS Institute). The measure was resident self-assessment of whether they were recipients of a poor-quality handoff. They were asked on the morning following an overnight shift when the memory of caring for cross-cover patients was fresh.

The CORES clinicians reported 30% fewer poor-quality handoffs compared to standard practice. As I have said elsewhere, good handoffs require many things: a place free from distractions, an organizing framework to convey information, and a suitable EHR technology to condense patient information in a useful way. CORES is the only interface-free, EHR-embedded rounding and handoff app clinically proven in multiple studies to improve handoff quality. With its new mobile features and growing research network, CORES is poised to enhance Clinical Communication and Collaboration in new and exciting ways. More information.

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Dr. Erik Van Eaton