Listening to Clients


Events are a great opportunity to connect with clients and prospect one-to-one. At the Cerner Health Conference, we did just that. Here's a quick summary of what they said we are getting right.

What Caregivers Love:

  • Robust Specialty-Specific Content - They say this shows we "get it". We've put a lot of time In this and have over a decade of experience providing physician and other specialty-specific rounding and handoff content for multidisciplinary teams’ at large health systems across the country.
  • Streamlined and Actionable EMR data - They say this helps them work faster and smarter. That makes sense because we streamline EMR functionality so that the actionable information that providers need is available to them when they need it (instead of having to dig around for it). This allows providers to focus on making care decisions in real time, instead of expending energy on minimizing cognitive information overload.
  • Designed by clinicians, for clinicians - They say we think like they do. No doubt this Is because our solutions are designed by practicing physicians to fit with their clinical workflow (instead of the other way around).  Doctors seem to love our solutions as they are intuitive and deliver value to both the clinician and patient.
  • We're Agile and Innovative- They like that we work directly with provider organizations and their clinicians to solve their problems, instead of sticking them in a five-year backlog queue waiting for less than optimal functionality. This also means our solutions are constantly evolving in step with what providers want and need.
  • Comprehensive and Connected- We heard a lot of "atta-boys" because CORE apps span the communication continuum, extending the EMR desktop workflow to their always-connected mobile device. (IT likes that we do this Interface-free).
  • Proven Expertise- They like that CORES is research-proven. We've been working hard on this one. Both in controlled clinical trials and evaluation, CORES has been proven to work.  Additionally, TransformativeMed pioneered the concept of fully-embedded EMR apps, beginning with Cerner Corporation's Millennium PowerChart - for which the TransformativeMed team helped Cerner develop and design the original MPages toolkit.



Doug Cusick