TransformativeMed Wins Achievement in Digital Health Award

During his acceptance speech, TransformativeMed CEO Doug Cusick stated, “At TransformativeMed we believe improving patient care starts with giving physicians everything they need to create the best patient experience possible.  Healthcare has been trying to do this for a long time. But in our race to automate patient health records—the EHR, something happened. We’ve turned our physicians—who represent the brightest minds on the front lines of patient care—into quasi-data entry clerks. This disconnect between Electronic Health Record usability and how physicians really work is creating what some call a national epidemic of physician’s burnout and job frustration. We are using AI, machine learning and good old American design ingenuity to make Electronic Health Records symbiotic with how physicians work. And guess what--When we give physicians these tools—their job satisfaction goes up, they work more efficiently, and quality care improves. It’s that simple.”

Read the press release here.

Molly Maron