“CORES™ makes our processes more effective, and saves us at least an hour and a half per day, per resident.”
- Deborah Abram, MD
Baptist Health

In a randomized, multi-hospital study, residents reported saving 30 to 45 minutes per day with CORES.
- Van Eaton, E. et al. 2010 Acad. Med.

“CORES has freed up close to $150,000 worth of time for our care coordinators alone, and they’ve only been using it for 6 months.”
- Carlos Villavicencio, MD, MS/MI
Seattle Children’s Hospital

Improve Handoff Safety

Research-proven tools help you lower the risk of sentinel events related to communication errors.

Proven to Improve Physician Efficiency

Specialty-specific content fits the workflow of multi-disciplinary teams, making them more efficient.

Coordinate Timely Discharge

Drives to an earlier identification of the target discharge date and potential barriers.

Documentation Integration

Bi-directional integration with Dynamic Doc and PowerNote eliminates duplicate documentation.

Tom Payne, CMIO, UW Medicine
Carlos Villavicencio, Seattle Children's

Hear From CORES Users...

Learn how CORES is improving communication and patient care while also saving providers time at UW Medicine and Seattle Children's Hospitals.

CORES™ Safety Video

CORES™ is a complete rounding and handoff solution that is proven to enhance safety and reliability. The CORES™ one-click sign-out solution makes it easy for providers to quickly sign out their patient lists to incoming providers. Integrated communication tools make it easy to contact team members directly and efficiently.

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