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CORES is a complete handoff and rounding solution that is proven to enhance safety and reliability. The CORES one-click sign-out solution makes it easy for providers to quickly sign out their patient lists to incoming providers. Integrated communication tools make it easy to contact team members directly and efficiently.

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Ineffective handoff processes can lead to adverse events and higher costs. In fact, research suggests 70% of sentinel events can be attributed to inadequate and incomplete information exchange.

Our Solution

Facilitates handoff, patient rounding and care coordination processes for multidisciplinary teams.


  • Improves handoff and rounding quality
  • Enables better care coordination
  • Increases clinician productivity

Key Features

  • One-stop worklist organizes your team's day
  • Multidisciplinary and family-centered rounding
  • Problem-oriented plan of care
  • Speciality-specific clinical quick view
  • Problem-based patient Wiki
  • Real-time on-call tracking and secure messaging
  • Bi-directional Dynamic Doc integration

Tom Payne, CMIO, UW Medicine
Carlos Villavicencio, Seattle Children's

Hear From CORES Users...

Learn how CORES is improving communication and patient care while also saving providers time at UW Medicine and Seattle Children's Hospitals.

Multidisciplinary Handoff & Rounding

CORES provides proven tools for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, therapists and care coordinators to effectively and efficiently manage multidisciplinary rounding and handoff workflows.

  • Hospitalists, Attending and Residents
  • All medical speicalties and sub-specialties
  • Case Management and Social Work
  • Pharmacy
  • Rehab Therapy
  • Nutrition and Diabetes Management
  • Nursing

Bi-Directional Documentation

CORES integrates with Cerner's Dynamic Documentation application. Information flows seamlessly between CORES care plans and providers' notes eliminating unnecessary documentation.

  • Dynamic Doc
  • PowerNotes
  • Clinical Note Smart Templates

Problem-Oriented Record

CORES enables physicians to quickly and easily manage problem-based plans of care while also displaying what the other members of the care team are doing to address the needs of the patient.

  • Team specific issue management
  • Multi-disciplinary co-management of issues
  • Track and "follow" other teams issues
  • Quickly add problems, diagnosis, procedures and free-text general "issues"

Integrated On-Call Communication

CORES maintains up-to-date on-call lists so caregivers can quickly and easily contact the right person, the first time. Additionally, CORES supports secure paging and numerous enterprise communication platforms.

  • Accessible from CORES and the patient's chart
  • Secure text-paging
  • On-call calendar integration
  • Tigertext, Amtelco and Amcom integration