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GlycemiCare enables inpatient healthcare teams to practice proactive glycemic control. GlycemiCare improves patient safety and reduces complications by guiding providers through difficult glycemic control transitions.

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At any given time patients suffering from diabetes or stress-induced hyperglycemia comprise 20-30% of a Hospital’s daily census. These patients are at increased risk for prolonged length of stay, adverse drug events, infection and readmission. Glycemic control matters.

Our Solution

Provides physicians, nurses and other members of the clinical care team with the tools they need to better manage glycemic levels for patients throughout the Hospital.


  • Optimizes glycemic control to reduce LOS
  • Reduces dosing errors
  • Helps providers follow insulin ordering best-practices

Key Features

  • Comprehensive visual flow sheet
  • Hospital-wide surveillance dashboards
  • Point-of-care best practice recommendations
  • Real-time push notification safety alerts
  • Physician admission decision support
  • Physician IV to SubQ decision support
  • Nursing admin barcoding & MAR charting

Comprehensive Flow Sheet

Clinical data needed to manage glucose levels is scattered throughout the chart. GlycemiCare provides a consolidated view of these data in a visual format that aids best practices.

  • Insulin and oral anti-diabetics
  • Steroids
  • Lab and POC glucose levels
  • Meals, snacks, TPN and tube-feeding
  • Home medications
  • Diabetic status
  • Supporting labs and vitals

Hospital Surveillance

GlycemiCare provides your glycemic control team with multi-patient dashboards to proactively monitor patients across the hospital in real-time. This allows your inpatient diabetes control team, pharmacists, nurses and doctors to implement efficient, proactive surveillance with real-time data.

Physician Decision Support

Physician decision support worksheets help providers quickly and easily manage appropriate admission orders and IV to SubQ transitions of care.

  • Admission ordering
  • IV to SubQ transition ordering
  • Discharge transition (new early 2016)

Nursing Decision Support

Nursing decision support worksheets and safety alerts help users quickly and safely administer insulin on-time with seamless barcoding & MAR charting.

  • SubQ Administration
  • IV Rate Titration