“GlycemiCare™ makes it easy for me to grasp, in under 30 seconds, why blood sugars just went up or down and what needs to be done about it”
- Brent Wisse, MD
UW Medicine

More than 1/3 of hospitalized patients are affected by diabetes, hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. Without proper insulin management, these conditions lead to complications and extended lengths of stay.
- Horton, W. et al. 2016 Am. J. Med.

“We just started using the GlycemiCare intravenous insulin decision support tool and right out of the gate, it’s improved patient safety.”
- Tamrah Jennings, MsED, APRN
Palomar Health


Everything providers need to deliver effective glycemic care over an entire hospital stay.

Clinical Decision Support Advisors

Integrates with Dyn Doc to supply providers with actionable guidance, inside routine workflows.

Automated Safety Surveillance

Continuously monitors EMR data and notifies providers before unsafe situations arise.

Nursing IV Insulin Titration

Automates IV-insulin titration according to your insulin protocols, built in to PowerChart™

GlycemiCare MPage Safety Video

GlycemiCare enables inpatient healthcare teams to practice proactive glycemic control. GlycemiCare improves patient safety and reduces complications by guiding providers through difficult glycemic control transitions.

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