Throughout his more than 30-year healthcare IT industry career, Greg Miller’s driving motivation has been singular: to solve the complex challenges impeding a health systems ability to deliver better outcomes. Greg has been part of bringing innovation to healthcare by working across the spectrum of product development, product management, consulting, sales, marketing, and strategy. His career began on the frontlines of healthcare delivery at Tufts New England Medical Center (NEMC). At NEMC, Greg was part of a team that developed the first clinical and financial decision support system in healthcare, which achieved national notoriety and evolved into Transition Systems, Inc. (TSI), the leading provider of decision support solutions. Afterward, Greg served in executive-level leadership positions for other category leaders such as Healthlink, IBM, Picis, Medicity and Health Catalyst. Greg’s growth-oriented mindset has helped each of these companies achieve demonstrable results and enviable market leadership while helping to improve outcomes for providers, patients, and their families.