TransformativeMed Expands Strategy to Ensure Caregivers a Friction-free EHR Experience

CORE Value Suite Apps Transform the Cerner EHR into a Modern Platform for Future Innovation

SEATTLE, WA – February 20, 2018 – TransformativeMed, the world-wide leader in developing Cerner-integrated apps that modernize the EHR for future innovation, today announced that it is expanding its EHR innovation strategy to optimize clinical workflows and decision support across in-patient settings. The strategy enables health systems using Cerner to rapidly modernize their existing EHR without replacing it using the interface-free CORE Value Suite. The apps use machine-learning to ensure that the EHR seamlessly serves patient-specific and specialty-specific care intelligence to providers as they work, dramatically streamlining workflows and decision support processes.  Since 2011, TransformativeMed has embedded its apps—without interfaces, into Cerner EHRs at more than 120 hospitals and health systems.

TransformativeMed CEO Doug Cusick said, “Collectively, health systems have invested billions in EHR solutions that collect a lot of data but fail at elegantly integrating that data into caregiver workflows. This leads to caregiver frustration and inefficiencies and reduces EHR investment value for health systems. The CORE Value Suite apps close these gaps. Instead of health systems replacing their EHR, or dealing with the challenges of integrating third-party apps, we help transform their EHR into a modern platform for future innovation, while immediately providing apps to satisfy caregiver needs today.”

The TransformativeMed CORE Value Suite apps use the Cerner MPages toolkit to plug-and-play without interfaces, and work seamlessly inside Cerner, the EHR market leader. The CORE Value Suite includes:

  • Optimized Workflows Apps: Providing rapid efficiency gains for Rounding/Handoffs, Notifications, and Messaging today, and includes a strategy to expand app development across in-patient settings.

  • Augmented Intelligence Apps: Supports clinical decision making and management of complex, problems like diabetes disease management. GlycemiCare™ and CarbCare™ are the first offerings.

  • Modern Clinical Integration: The CORES apps and EHR Innovation Platform ensure data transparency and on-demand accessibility, without HL7 interfaces. Today, CORES apps use machine learning to filter EHR data, and natural, intuitive access is provided across devices, including mobile, with voice integration planned.

About TransformativeMed

Founded in 2011, privately held TransformativeMed, Inc., headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is the world-wide leader in developing Cerner-integrated apps that enable hospitals and health systems to modernize their EHR for future innovation. Used at more than 120 hospitals, the interface-free, CORE Value Suite apps optimize caregiver workflows and augment clinical intelligence to support complex disease management. Machine-learning is used to ensure that the EHR seamlessly serves patient-specific and specialty-specific care intelligence to care providers as they work, dramatically reducing repetitive data entry, to streamline workflows and decision support processes. Health systems realize more value by rapidly innovating their existing EHR without replacing it.  Visit


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