We Make Your EHR Better


Core Work Manager App


  • Specialty-specific workflow and content.

  • Automatically schedule multidisciplinary Rounds.

  • Tag results for Dynamic Documentation.

  • Advance assessment and plan Management.

  • "Discharge-before-noon" workflows.

  • Workflow integrated handoffs.

  • Progress-note and discharge summary integration.

You’ve spent millions if not billions deploying your EHR across your hospital or health system. But clinicians are frustrated with the workflow and user interface. They struggle to find the information they need, when they need it. The workflow is generic and not customized to their unique needs. With Core Work Manager, you can make your EHR better and make clinicians happier.

Core Work Manager is an app that is natively embedded within your EHR. Rich, actionable EHR information is visually presented in a format unique to each specialty’s priorities. Clinical teams caring for a patient have what they need, when they need it, to organize rounds, convey discharge readiness, conduct handoffs and manage their patient list. As status and situations change, smart notifications and secure messaging ensure the right information is provided to act.

“With Core Work Manager, we save about an hour and a half per day, per resident. The residents are light years happier. And our handoff process isn't just more efficient, it's more robust.”

– Deborah C. Abram, MD, Medical Director of Children’s Informatics at Baptist Health.


Core Work Manager Mobile App


  • Access to clinical data, including medications, labs, vitals, allergies, I&O, TLD, notes, cultures, radiology, etc.

  • Specialty-specific workflows securely integrated with your EHR.

  • Patient list management, including adding and removing patients.

  • Sign-out on-call coverage in real-time.

  • Voice-to-text for task capture.

  • Share text, images, and video with secure messages.

  • Update Assessment & Plan for Dynamic Documentation.

Is everything your clinicians need to deliver the best patient care readily available at their fingertips? Are your clinicians feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of information in the EHR, but they can’t find precisely what they need when they need it? Are your clinicians tethered to a PC or laptop, hunting and pecking for information your EHR, when what they really want to do is spend time with patients?

If so, the Core Mobile App is for you. With their mobile device in-hand (tablet or smartphone), clinicians will have specialty-specific content from your EHR at the swipe of a finger. Whether they are rounding, in meetings, away from the office or on-the-go, they will have the information they need, when they need it. And with secure messaging and smart notifications, your clinicians can communicate and collaborate in intuitive, modern ways and take actions directly from their mobile device.

92% of physicians agree, or strongly agree, that Cores saves them time preparing for rounds.


Core Messaging App


  • HIPAA-compliant secure messaging of texts, photos & video.

  • Message by group, role & include photos/images.

  • Store user-selected Images in the EHR.

  • Convert Messages to EHR tasks for follow-up.

  • Care Team Messaging directly from the chart.

  • On-call Schedule integrated with the EHR.

Patient care is a team sport. With the Core Work Manager Messaging App, everyone on the patient’s care team is on the same playing field. With this EHR-embedded and mobile app, every member of the care team is connected, enabling them to collaborate in real-time, in meaningful new ways.

Coordinate care and close gaps more effectively. Seamlessly synchronize communication across the care team, and from your EHR to your mobile device, so that everyone is up to date with the patient’s information and care plan in real-time.

62.2% of physicians that use Cores to track tasks across patient care transitions agree, or strongly agree, that it improves patient safety.


Core Notify App


  • Continual EHR monitoring for real-time Notifications.

  • Automatically learns your preferences.

  • Easily configured user and facility notifications.

  • Tag orders and results in real-time.

  • Configurable notification rules.

  • One-click result-to task follow-up.

Your clinicians are busy. They’re out and about doing what they do best, which is taking care of patients. They don’t have time to monitor alerts and notifications in their EHR. With Core Work Manager Notify App, available as an app embedded within your EHR, or on their mobile device, intelligent and clinician-determined alerts and notifications empowers seamless communication across the care team – no more frustration with nuisance alerting.

“Cores is how I know what’s going on with each of my patients, without having to dig through the EMR. It saves me time, and it saves me effort.”

— Grant Fletcher, MD MPH, Hospitalist at Harborview Medical Center


Core Diabetes App


  • Multi-Patient Dashboard - high-level, hospital-wide view of key EHR data from your patient list, in real-time.

  • Patient Flowsheets - relevant EHR data auto-populates, making it easy to track blood sugar trends over time.

  • Advance Ordering - quickly complete, review and sign orders directly from the app in a simple, user-friendly format.

  • Configurable Safety Alerts - clinicians select how they want to be notified when tasks need attention, such as overdue glucose checks or insulin dose adjustments.

  • Clinical Decision Support - standardize adherence to best practices through physician and nurse advisor worksheets configured to your team's protocols and order sets.

  • EHR-Embedded - no separate log-in’s or interfaces. Intuitive decision support as you work directly connected to orders. CBORD can be embedded for carb intakes.

The Core Diabetes App is embedded within your EHR and standardizes and streamlines the management of patients with Diabetes, ensuring patient safety from admission to discharge. Data often scattered throughout the EHR is organized and visually presented so that providers can quickly assess trends and glean the insights needed to deliver care to patients with Diabetes, with best practices and reduced variability. The Core Diabetes App provides critical decision support intelligence - directly integrated within your workflow.

“Core Diabetes App makes it easy for providers to grasp, in under 30 seconds, why blood sugars just went up or down and what needs to be done about it.”

— Brent Wisse, MD, Associate Professor, Metabolism, Endocrinology & Nutrition at the University of Washington.




Watch Dr. Erik Van Eaton as he explains how Core Work Manager makes the EHR better.