Close the Gap Between your EHR Vision—and Reality


With today’s smart tech — why is your EHR so archaic?

As some of your colleagues already know—It doesn’t have to be.

The CORE Value Suite is transforming the EHR workflows for thousands of providers—working in every acute care specialty. How? By solving critical workflow challenges the EHR neglected to address. We close the gap between the EHR vision caregivers bought into—and the reality of the EHR they work with.

Discover how CORES can help transform your EHR into what you always imagined it could be.

Clinician-Friendly: Designed by practicing physicians to optimize workflow efficiency and patient care

IT Smart: Out of the box EHR-embedded, mobile-ready, and amplified with AI, machine-learning and voice

Rapid EHR Value: Quick clinical adoption and efficiency creates instant EHR return on investment value


The CORE Value Suite—Empower your EHR to Work for You


Optimized Clinical Workflows

EHRs are dataflow specific and mostly one size fits all or require IT handling for complex one-off customization. The challenge lurks in making the EHR unique to every provider and their patients. Today the CORE Value Suite fixes this with out-of-the-box customization for every acute care specialty. This workflow-based approach ensures that your EHR serves patient-and-specific content to every provider.

Learn how CORES Rounding/Handoffs, Smart Notifications and Smart Messaging optimize clinical workflows.

optimized workflows.png


Automatically Schedule Multidisciplinary Rounds

Tag Results for Dynamic Doucmentation

Advance Assessment and Plan Management

"Discharge-Before-Noon" Workflows

Workflow Integrated Handoffs

Specialty Specific Content

Printed Reports and Mobile App

Progress-Note and Discharge Summary Integration

Timely Discharges


Continual EHR Monitoring for Real-Time Notifications

Automatically Learns your Preferences

Easily Configured User and Facility Notifications

Tag Orders and Results In Real Time

Configurable Notification Rules

One-Click Result-to Task Follow-up


Secure Texting with Image Sharing

Store User-Selected Images in the EHR

Convert Messages to EHR Tasks for Follow-up

Care Team Messaging Directly from the Chart

On-call Schedule Integrated with the EHR

Mobile Integration

Specialty-specific “Quick Views”

Voice-to-text for task capture

Update Assessment & Plan for Dynamic Documentation

CORES has freed up close to $150,000 worth of time for our care coordinators alone, and they’ve only been using it for 6 months.
— Carlos Villavicencio, MD, MS/MI, Seattle Children’s Hospital
CORES makes our processes more effective, and saves us at least an hour and a half per day, per resident.
— Deborah Abram, MD, Baptist Health

Hear From Users...

Learn how CORES is improving communication and patient care while also saving clinicians time at UW Medicine and Seattle Children's hospitals.

enhances Safety

The CORE Value Suite offers a complete rounding and handoff solution that is proven to enhance safety and reliability. The one-click sign-out solution makes it easy for caregivers to quickly sign out their patient lists to incoming caregivers. Integrated communication tools make it easy to contact team members directly and efficiently.

Augmented Care Intelligence

When an EHR is knowledge-engineered to be provider-centric vs. one-size fits all, it supports vs. disrupts decision making. This requires continuity from the desktop to mobile. Embedded inside clinical workflows, the CORE Value Suite enables clinicians to make critical care decisions while they work--and includes smart notifications designed to alleviate alert fatigue. Providers avoid disruptive protocol and chart visit steps because patient lists are translated into work lists. CORES uses its inroads in multidisciplinary disease decision support to further enhance the EHR across in-patient multi-disciplinary teams. By relentlessly focusing on detailed specialty workflows and overlooked care processes, we refocus the flow of EHR data to deliver the whole patient story to each provider at the critical moments they need to understand handoffs and interactions.

See how CORES supports critical decisions today with GlycemiCare for diabetes disease management.

supported decisions new.png


Glucose & insulin management decision support

Multi-Patient Dashboard
High-level, hospital-wide view of key EHR data from your patient list, in real-time

Patient Flowsheets
Relevent EHR data auto-populates, making it easy to track blood sugar trends overtime

Advance Ordering
Quickly complete, review and sign orders directly from Glycemicare in a simple, user-friendly format

Configurable Safety Alerts
Clinicians choos how they want to be notified when tasks need attention, such as overdue glucose checks or insulin dose adjustments

Clinical Decicion Support
Standardize adherence to best practices through physician and nurse advisor worksheets configured to your team's protocols and order sets

No seperate log-ins. Intuitive decision support as you work. Directly connected to orders. CBORD can be embedded for carb intakes

Available soon:

ThromboCare Anticoagulation Support

CardiaCare Heart Failure Support

GlycemiCare™ makes it easy for me to grasp, in under 30 seconds, why blood sugars just went up or down and what needs to be done about it.
— Brent Wisse, MD, UW Medicine
We just started using the GlycemiCare intravenous insulin decision support tool and right out of the gate, it’s improved patient safety.
— Tamrah Jennings, MsED, APRN, Palomar Health

Discover how GlycemiCare improves safety

GlycemiCare enables inpatient healthcare teams to practice proactive glycemic control. GlycemiCare improves patient safety and reduces complications by guiding caregivers through difficult glycemic control transitions.

Clinical Agility Platform

modern tools.png

TransformativeMed has successfully embedded into the EHR of more than 120 hospitals, without a single HL7 interface.

Transparent EHR Data, No HL7 Interfaces, Fast Adoption

Embedded within the EHR, CORES uses Cerner-MPages™ and HL7-FHIR™ technology to access a robust set of clinical data on-demand.  This is accomplished without hospital IT assistance or technical support as part of the plug-and-play installation.  IT only needs to provide local mappings to standard data elements (i.e., Glucose Level, HCT, Temperature). TransformativeMed technology takes care of the rest.   This approach enables CORES to both read/write clinical data from the EHR record. This is done on-demand, across virtually every data element stored in the record, including:

  • Laboratory Results

  • Nursing Documentation

  • Physician Notes

  • Therapy and Social Work Documentation

  • Anesthesia and ED Records

  • Orders

  • Order Sets and Protocols

  • Medication Administration Records

  • Allergies

  • Procedure and Surgical History

  • Demographics

  • Census / Provider Lists

  • Problems and Diagnosis

  • Family and Social History

  • Any other information stored in the EHR

Seamless Mobile-to-desktop

Unlike stand-alone third party apps that force clinicians to switch between different applications throughout the day and enter duplicate data, the CORE Value Suite seamlessly integrates into the EHR workflow.

Directly embedding into the EHR provides a seamless workflow for clinicians.  This means:

  • Never having to leave the EHR, access to organizer-level multi-patient views, chart-level summary tabs, and focused workflow components in existing EHR workflows (Admit, Manage, Discharge, etc.).

  • No additional logins to additional products or duplicate data.

MAchine learning, AI and voice

The CORE Value Suite pairs mobile, machine learning and voice, to create modern clinical agility so clinicians can naturally and intuitively interact with the EHR. Smart mobile messaging notifications are seamlessly connected with the EHR and the desktop to ensure providers the same experience—and data - regardless of the tool they choose. We believe the future is using voice to transform the EHR into a provider assistant and a tool that can intelligently predict what providers need. To address this, we are actively integrating mobile voice ordering and task management across CORES solutions. This ensures that an EHR empowered by CORES evolves to support providers the way they work today and in the future.