Case Study: Cores IN USE


  • How your existing EHR can be modified to rapidly improve clinical communication and collaboration

  • The specific outcomes a major non-profit health system is experiencing with Cores and how it is impacting clinical efficiency, EHR satisfaction, patient care, and care team collaboration

  • How this health system is closing the gap between how their EHR used to work, and the specific information needs of each of their service lines

  • The everyday experiences of how clinicians are using Cores

I. The Challenge

Does this sound familiar? In most health systems patient handoffs are unstructured and variable across providers and departments. For most, this is very time-consuming and involves a large amount of manual data entry.

The health system using Cores was seeking a way to improve clinical communication and collaboration among providers and, at the same time, make clinical workflow more efficient. Stakeholders described the need to improve provider handoffs and decrease the likelihood of any patient being “left behind.”

As one physician liaison explained, “We didn’t really have patients that were ‘left behind’, so to speak, but the level of manual work required from our providers to achieve a concise handoff was big.” 

At its highest organizational levels, the health system recognized the critical importance of leveraging the investment value of the EHR to enhance patient safety and clinical workflow efficiency during handoffs, through better access to relevant patient information.

Another physician liaison explained the need to “see patient data quickly, in one place”.



When top leadership at the health system learned about Cores, the decision to move forward was unanimous.

The Medical Informatics Director explained the decision like this, “Patient safety, physician satisfaction and the patient’s sense of care are key priorities for us. Cores has the ability to positively impact all three, in addition to improving physician efficiency, which translates into a return on investment. We selected Cores because the tool is well-designed, and significantly enhances our ability to improve provider handoffs. Cores lays out the information that care teams need in a very logical format. This significantly improves the efficiency and safety of the handoff process, and also facilitates more face-to-face time with the patient.”

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