to Dec 11

Next Generation Healthcare Summit 2018


How your existing EHR can be modified to rapidly improve clinical communication and collaboration

Health Systems are seeking ways to improve clinical communication and collaboration among providers and at the same time, make clinical workflow more efficient. Stakeholders describe the need to improve provider handoffs and decrease the likelihood of any patient being left behind. At its highest organizational levels, the health system recognizes the critical importance of leveraging the investment value of the EHR to enhance patient safety, clinical workflow efficiency and clinician satisfaction through better access to relevant patient information (see patient data quickly in one place).

Patient safety, Clinical efficiency, Clinician satisfaction 

Key takeaways:

  • Reimagine and optimize your EHR by utilizing low cost, turnkey solutions that deliver ‘quick wins’ without significant budget impact and IT disruption.

  • Improve patient safety by providing once source of clinical truth for care team communication.

  • Redirect your providers from having to search and enter data, to spending more time with their patients.

  • Put the HEALTH back into the EHR, letting physicians and nurses treat patients and practice medicine.


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