Make your EHR Work—Like you do.


Do you work for your EHR, or does it work for you?

TransformativeMed works within your existing EHR to translate vital patient data into the care intelligence you need as you work. Working without interfaces, your EHR is optimized to your work process—to work like you do.

From rounding, to messaging, notifications and disease management, providers experience the real-time, consolidated patient data needed to make care adjustments and solve problems— while working. Your EHR investment gains more value because your EHR is transformed into a modern platform for future innovation.


The "Why"

Learn why working physicians, frustrated with their EHR experience, helped transform the EHR into what you always imagined it could be.


The "How"

Discover how caregivers like you have modernized their EHR to close functionality gaps and deliver more informed, streamlined care.


Don’t Replace your EHR—Empower it. 


We get it. Your EHR can hardly compete with the sexiness and promise of mobile apps, artificial intelligence and voice recognition. We use these tools in everyday life now. Provider satisfaction and adoption demand them in healthcare delivery too.

With TransformativeMed it doesn’t have to be a choice between your EHR and the future.  Learn how we avoid interfaces and transform your existing EHR into a modern platform for future innovation, providing the care intelligence you need, while you work.

The CORE Value Strategy


Discover the CORE Value Suite.


Today the CORE Value Suite provides a comprehensive set of workflow tools that live within the Cerner EHR. Without interfaces, caregivers can make care course adjustments in real time, while they work, with their device of choice. Learn how you can optimize your EHR to plan, think, visualize, document, track, communicate, collaborate and coordinate like you always imagined.

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CORE Apps for disease management

Modernization, embedded across CORE Apps




The Buzz


The CORES™ MPage at Seattle Children's Hospital

Learn how CORES enabled Dr. Carlos Villavicencio and his team at Seattle Children's to improve handoff quality, while also increasing provider efficiency.

CORES has freed up close to $150,000 worth of time for our care coordinators alone, and they’ve only been using it for 6 months.
— Carlos Villavicencio, MD, MS/MI Seattle Children’s Hospital



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