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Solve your Clinical EHR Workflow Problems

The clinician-designed Core Workflow Suite was created with the insight that it takes a team to manage a patient, and that all specialties have unique data workflow needs. CORES clinical workflow apps directly embed in Cerner MPages, transforming your existing EHR into a secure, easy-to-use, clinical communication and collaboration hub.

Workflows are intuitively organized and visually presented in formats unique to each specialty’s priorities. This ensures that rich, actionable patient data is accessible as needed. Without having to search for and replicate data for rounding, hand offs, and to make care decisions, team-based patient care is simplified, more efficient and less frustrating.


The "Why"

Learn why physicians, frustrated with their EHR experience, transformed the EHR into what you always imagined it could be.


The "How"

Discover how caregivers like you are using Cores to close EHR functionality gaps and deliver more informed, streamlined care.


Don’t Replace your EHR—Empower it. 


We get it. Your EHR can hardly compete with the sexiness and promise of mobile apps, artificial intelligence and voice recognition. We use these tools in everyday life now. Provider satisfaction and adoption demand them in healthcare delivery too.

With TransformativeMed it doesn’t have to be a choice between your EHR and the future.  Learn how we avoid interfaces and transform your existing EHR into a modern platform for future innovation, providing the care intelligence you need, while you work.


2-Minutes: Why You’re Battling Your EHR

TransformativeMed CO-FOUNDER AND CHIEF INNOVATION OFFICER, ERIK VAN EATON, M.D., explains why EHRs must have a clinician-focus. Let us know if you agree.


Discover the Core Workflow Suite.


The Core Workflow Suite is a comprehensive set of workflow apps that live inside the Cerner EHR (no interfaces). No more hunting and clicking to unearth information that is irritatingly out-of-context. Make care decisions in real time, as you work. Because the apps are mobile-to-desktop, clinicians have complete EHR access using their device of choice. Learn how you can optimize your EHR so you can search, document, track, communicate, collaborate and coordinate like you always imagined.

core Clinical Workflows

Workflow-enhanced Communication & Collaboration

Core disease Workflows

supported decisions new@3x.png

Workflow-enhanced Decision Support

Coming Soon:

  • Anticoagulation Management

  • Cardiac Care Management

Minimal Training, Immediate Benefits

  • EHR-embedded, No Interfaces

  • Enhanced by Machine-learning, AI, Voice

  • Seamless Mobile-to-Desktop




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Physicians, clients, and others demonstrate how to rapidly transform your EHR experience.


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